Chapter 13 - Debt Consolidation


California residents are faced with an array of choices after financial problems have left them struggling to pay bills and fend of creditors. Confusing the situation, recent changes to U.S. bankruptcy law have altered both the steps to declare bankruptcy and the type of bankruptcy appropriate to a situation. If a divorce, illness or other unforeseen circumstance has left you suffocating in credit card debt and unable to pay your mortgage, a consultation with an attorney at the Costa Mesa offices of Nicastro Piscopo can provide a clear explanation of your legal rights.

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A Clear Plan for Financial Recovery

Chapter 13 debt reorganization differs from Chapter 7 liquidation in that it involves the negotiation of payment plans with creditors and the court in order to preserve most assets. The assistance of an experienced Bankruptcy attorney from Nicastro Piscopo will be invaluable in creating plans that allow you to satisfy creditors while still preserving your quality of life.

The court may require debt counseling designed to implement a reasonable budget but this should not be confused with credit counseling, a service often subsidized by credit card companies themselves. A lawyer from Nicastro Piscopo will personally explain all your options and the possible consequences, allowing you to make informed decisions based on custom-tailored solutions unique to your circumstances.

At Nicastro Piscopo, we cannot solve your past, but we can help focus on the future through bankruptcy relief and debt help. Dealing directly with creditors or waiting too long to file can have an adverse effect on your claim. Ask about our FREE consultations with no further obligation so you understand your options and we are available to intervene immediately with creditors. We will aggressively protect your rights and assets while we design a recovery strategy based on the law and your financial goals.

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For more information on immediate debt relief facilitated by an attorney at Nicastro Piscopo, please contact our office in Costa Mesa today for a consultation and case evaluation.