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If you have been arrested on criminal charges in California, you will need immediate and aggressive intervention from an experienced Anaheim criminal defense lawyer who can protect your rights and negotiate / litigate a timely, affordable resolution. Felony and misdemeanor criminal charges can carry significant penalties, even for first time offenses. At the Anaheim law offices of Nicastro Piscopo , our criminal defense lawyers have successfully represented clients throughout Southern California arrested on serious criminal charges:

  • Drunk Driving / DUI: a drunk driving offense can result in the loss of your license, high insurance rates and substantial fines and jail time. Worse yet, a conviction can affect your immigration status, resulting in deportation / removal proceedings.
  • Domestic Violence: California law enforcement officers are obliged to make an arrest in nearly all cases reporting domestic violence. You will need a strong defense to counteract false or retaliatory charges and address any criminal deportation issues.
  • Drug Crimes: Including manufacture / possession / sale / distribution of Marijuana (pot) / Meth / Cocaine (Crack) / Heroin / Ecstasy and other illegal narcotics and controlled substances.
  • Gun / Weapon Charges
  • Shoplifting / Theft / Robbery / Assault
  • Solicitation / Prostitution

“I’ve been arrested – What’s going to happen to my green card?”

“Me ha detenido la policía. ¿Ya me van a deportar?”

If you are a temporary or permanent alien resident of the United States, a criminal arrest or conviction can result in a loss of your Green Card and immediate deportation / removal proceedings. At Nicastro Piscopo , our experience as criminal defense AND immigration attorneys allows us to address both criminal charges and any immigration consequences. A U.S. immigration attorney from our office in Anaheim can represent you in both matters, assuring that any plea bargain or deal with prosecutors will not affect your immigration status. Please VISIT our page on Deportation / Removal After Criminal Charges  for more information.

Se Habla Espanol: Foreign Language Services

Our immigration and criminal defense practice reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. Our multi-lingual staff and attorneys are available to discuss your case in English, Spanish and other international languages, including Portuguese, Tagalog, Russian, Korean and German.

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It is the job of the police to put you in jail and it is our job to keep you out. An immigrant crimes attorney from our Anaheim office is available today for a FREE consultation and case evaluation after any California felony or misdemeanor arrest. CONTACT Nicastro Piscopo    BEFORE you speak to the police. Citizen or not, you have legal rights that must be observed.

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At the law firm of Nicastro Piscopo, with office in Anaheim, we provide legal advice regarding bankruptcy and immigration, to residents of Los Angeles, Irvine, Newport Beach, Garden Grove, Westminster, Costa Mesa, Fullerton, Lake Forest, and all of Riverside County, San Bernardino County and Orange County. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief and have been doing so for over 15 years.

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