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Each California attorney and staff member at the Anaheim law offices of Louis M. Piscopo is dedicated to providing exemplary legal services and timely solutions to serious legal issues, including Immigration Law, Deportation and Criminal Defense. We stand proudly behind the countless Client Testimonials we have received in recognition of our personal service, legal knowledge and commitment to individual client goals.

No amount of skills, resources or recognition, however, can substitute for timely, legally sound resolutions in an immigration, deportation or criminal defense proceeding. While only a partial list, the information below is evidence of a successful legal practice at Louis M. Piscopo with lawyers assisting clients successfully throughout California for over a decade.

Success Stories from our Immigration Attorneys

Below is just a small sampling of the successful cases handled by our firm.

Cancellation of Removal (Non-Legal Permanent Resident)

  • Husband from Mexico granted cancellation of removal under INA 240A(a) based on hardship to his legal permanent wife. The government appealed and the Board of Immigration Appeals upheld the judgeís decision.
  • Married couple from Mexico with U.S. citizen daughter receiving special education granted their Green Cards.
  • Couple with three U.S. citizen children, none with serious medical issues, granted Green Cards.
  • Single parent from Mexico with two healthy U.S. children granted Green Card even though he departed and was caught re-entering U.S. after removal proceedings started.

Cancellation of Removal (Legal Permanent Resident)

  • Husband and father with multiple convictions, including drug related crimes granted INA 240A(b) relief and kept his Green Card.
  • Wife and mother of two from the Philippines with multiple convictions involving petty and grand theft granted relief and kept his Green Card.
  • Couple caught smuggling someone in from Mexico granted relief and kept their Green Cards. Government waived appeal.
  • LPR with more than five criminal convictions granted INA 240A(b) relief after we successful proved convictions were not aggravated felonies.

237(a)(1)(H) Waiver for Legal Permanents

  • Woman who entered U.S. as unmarried adult child, when she was actually married granted allowed to keep her Green Card.
  • Woman who entered U.S. as spouse of U.S. citizen, but whose spouse had died before she entered U.S. allowed to keep her Green Card.

Adjustment of Status with Waiver Granted in Immigration Court

  • Husband with criminal convictions whose waiver was denied by USCIS is granted 212(h) waiver and Adjustment of Status by Immigration Judge after our office is retained.
  • Wife who committed immigration fraud by applying for LULAC/Late Amnesty based on false information granted 212(i) waiver and AOS.

212(c) Waiver

  • Legal Permanent resident from Vietnam with multiple felony convictions, including robbery, granted waiver and kept his Green Card. Government waived appeal.
  • Legal Permanent resident from Afghanistan with multiple domestic violence related convictions kept his Green Card. Government waived appeal.

Termination of Removal Proceedings

  • LPR caught allegedly smuggling in someone in from Mexico. Our office successfully argued that merely being in car and handing CBP officer the illegal alienís fake identification documents was not sufficient evidence of smuggling. Proceedings terminated and woman kept her Green Card.
  • LPR charged as being inadmissible due to welfare fraud involving more than $10,000.00. After intervention by our office DHS agrees to terminate proceedings and woman kept her Green Card.
  • LPR from Philippines is convicted of serious violent crime. After release from prison his detained by DHS and put into removal proceedings. Our office was able to prove he was actually a U.S. citizen and he was released.
  • Young woman born in Mexico who was convicted of drug smuggling and spent 5 years in prison is facing deportation. Our office was retained two days before her final hearing and successfully argued she was U.S. Citizen. The immigration judge terminated proceedings and she was released.

Petition for Review to the Federal Court

  • Iranian denied Asylum because immigration judge found him not credible. His BIA appeal by another attorney was denied. Our office brought the case to the Ninth Circuit claiming ineffective counsel by his prior attorney. After oral argument before the Ninth Circuit, the petition was granted. After a new immigration court hearing where he was represented by our office the man was granted asylum.
  • Woman from Pakistan denied continuance by Immigration Judge and granted voluntary departure. After she retains our office we successfully challenge the decision all the way up to the Ninth Circuit. Woman currently has interim U visa status and is awaiting permanent U visa.
  • Male from Indian is denied asylum by Immigration Judge. After our office is retained the matter is taken up to the Ninth Circuit due to ineffective legal representation. After case is filed, the government agrees with our argument and matter is remanded back to immigration judge.

Secondary & Deferred Inspection

  • LPR from Middle East is sent to deferred inspection because CBP alleges he is inadmissible due to criminal history. Our office successfully proved to CBP that the manís criminal convictions did not make his inadmissible or deportable.
  • LPR whose I-751 was denied while outside the U.S. is held at secondary inspection at airport. Our office is able to get him admitted into U.S. and I-751 is later granted by Immigration Judge.

Self-Petitions by Abused Spouses/VAWA

  • Young woman from Pakistan is ordered removed in absentia. Case is reopened after showing she was victim of abuse by her U.S. citizen husband. I-360 is approved and woman is awaiting her Green Card.
  • Divorced mother of U.S. children granted VAWA by Immigration Judge and receives her Green Card.

Petitions for Rehearing of Denial of N-400

  • LPR from Iran denied Naturalization because he was outside the U.S. for more than 6 months and therefore broke his continuous residence in U.S. Petition for Re-hearing granted after we were able to show that his extended time outside the U.S. was due to events that occurred after he departed the U.S.
  • LPR from Philippines denied Naturalization due to lack of good moral character. We are retained, file petition for rehearing and prove that his prior criminal history does not show lack of GMC. He is granted U.S. citizenship.


  • Accountant for dental office in New York granted H1B.
  • Rehabilitation Services company in Northern California granted H1Bs for multiple physical and occupational therapists.
  • Financial Analyst for real estate development company granted H1B.
  • Architect from Germany granted H1B for Southern California company. Her same sex partner granted B1/B2 visa to accompany her.
  • Oil exploration company granted H1B for engineer from Venezuela to work in Louisiana.

L1 Visa

  • Executive from company in India granted L1A to open new office.
  • Executive from company in Brazil granted L1A to oversee the opening of new retail stores in the U.S.

E Visa

  • H1B holder granted change of status to E-2 after opening and investing in a new business.
  • F-1 student granted change of status after opening import/export and wholesale sales of perfume and related products.

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